ICAS lectures

ICAS lectures

This video explains the basic fundamentals of astrology, with the help of Vedas. It first explains about the first richaa (line) of Vedas and then explains the same in astrological parlance.

It explains why do we have the 4 purushartha of Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha in this particular order only and why not any other order.

Why does the lagna bhaava (house) of Kaal purusha always be Dharma purushartha only, along with how the ancient Rishis (Seers) created the concept of Kundali (horoscope).

Jyotish Praveena ®
Basic Astrology Course

This is a one year basic course of Astrology. This course starts with the basic elements of astrology and then moves towards the advance topics. readmore

Visharada ®
Advance Astrology Course

This is a one year advance course of Astrology. This course beacons the complicated topics and other streams of astrology. Topics like Horary, Longevity etc. readmore

Jyotish Bhushan
Research program

This is a 2 year research program. Candidates who have passed out Jyotish Visharada regular course are eligible for this research program. readmore