This is a one year advance course of Astrology. This course beacons the complicated topics and other streams of astrology. Topics like Horary, Medical Astrology, Longevity etc. strengthens the practical aspect of astrology. Mundane astrology gives a wider horizon as this talks about the world than the individual. This course consists of two semesters of three papers each.

      Syllabus For JYOTISH VISHARADA - Advance Astrology Course


1 Year

Place of Study:

Through any chapter situated in major cities of India


Hindi, English


On Sunday/Saturday (if holiday)

Examination scheme

Examination are held twice a year in June and December at the respective centers.

Eligibility for Examination
  • Age must be 18 years
  • Candidate should be a Life Member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.
  • Candidate must have passed SSLC examination of equivalent thereto.


First Semester

  • Paper I - Ashtakvarga, Horary Click Here for details
  • Paper II - Shadbal, Judgement Of Bhavas Click Here for details
  • Paper III - Longevity, Medical Astrology Click Here for details


Second Semester

  • Paper IV - Dasa Systems, Predicting & Timing Events And Transits Click Here for details
  • Paper V - Jaimini Astrology, Marriage Timing & Matching Click Here for details
  • Paper VI - Composite Techniques Of Prediction, Mundane Astrology.Click Here for details