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"Let the noble thoughts come to us from all sides."- Rig Veda..
Our Courses are delivered with overarching principles of constant quality, care and outstanding results.

New lustre, new zeal, new light, new illumination, new strength and new activity be there along with intelligence and happiness. Happy New Year

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Jyotish Praveena ®
Basic Astrology Course

This is a one year basic course of Astrology. This course starts with the basic elements of astrology and then moves towards the advance topics. Read More


Jyotish Visharada ®
Advance Astrology Course

This is a one year advance course of Astrology. This course beacons the complicated topics and other streams of astrology. Topics like Horary, Longevity etc. Read More


Jyotish Bhushan
Research program

This is a 2 year research program. Candidates who have passed out Jyotish Visharada regular course are eligible for this research program. Read More


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AGM Notice


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Announcement : नवसंवत्सराभिनन्दनम् | आरोग्यं प्रथतां सुभिक्षमहिता सम्पत्सदा वर्धतां         पर्जन्यः परितः सुवृष्टिकलितः सूयेत शस्यं सदा।       गावो दुग्धभरा धरा सुमधुरा धाराभिरापः परा       सुज्ञानश्रियमातनोतु भुवने सौम्यो हि संवत्सरः॥       May healthiness titivate; May the wealth of abundant harvest grow up ; May the cloud help producing plenty of crops everywhere ; May there milky cows and earth beautiful with the stream of water ; May the new .


Proficient and well-organized

Proficient and well-organized foundation in the eye of the professionals.

Dedicated towards our commitments

In the world of promises, we deliver quality Education.

Standardized Educational ethics & social responsibilities

A goal to establish an All Indian Body and to ensure progress in astrological studies.

Our Recent News

For June 2018 Examination, result will be announced online on 15 August 2018.

33rd AGM of ICAS will be held in Kolkata Time: 0630 pm Date: 8th September 2018 (Saturday) Venue: Burra Bazar Library, 10/1/1, Syed Sali Lane, Kolkata - 700073

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